Baby Found Floating in Inflatable Toy After Tanning Parents Forgot They Had a Kid

Having kids is hard. Remembering you have them is even harder.

A ten-month old baby was rescued by the Turkish coast guard today after she was found floating half a mile out to sea in an inflatable device.

(Picture: Anadolu Agency/Getty

People at the beach tried to help but the current was too strong.

(Picture: Anadolu Agency/Getty)

Turkish news says the parents forgot they put her in the toy and that she existed (I made up the last part but it's probably true). You forgot you put your kid in floaties and pushed her into the ocean? I have to call bull poop on this one because I know a lot of 10-month olds and they're not exactly quiet. The parents should have been suspicious once they were able to relax for several moments at a time.

The report said the parents were sunbathing. If by "sunbathing" they mean "taking shots of patrĂ³n" then I get it.

(Picture: Anadolu Agency/Getty)

I can't wait for the TV movie to premiere on Disney Junior. It'll be like a remix between Bubble Guppies and Cast Away.

Today's events will make for nice entry in this child's baby book. Right before "Your First Steps" they can write about "the time we left you in the ocean."

Moms, no need to feel guilt today because nothing you did was worse than letting your kid drift out into the horizon in a $3 floatation device. Unless you cut a sandwich in half without asking. In that case, feel the guilt. Feel it good.

No word on why Ariel didn't help the girl. Oh yeah because she gave up her powers to marry rich.

Source Metro UK News

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