It's Here

The book you've been waiting for.

Chapter 1: What is a Toddler? 
Chapter 2: The Theory of Toddler Evolution (2s, 3s, 4s)
Chapter 3: Grooming Your Goblin 
Chapter 4: Mealtime aka Hell 
Chapter 5: Your Unraveling Life 
Chapter 6: How To Keep Your Toddler Off Your Back (Park, Lying Down Games) 
Chapter 7: A**hole Parents 
Chapter 8: Getting Your Toddler To Listen (LOL) 
Chapter 9: How Not To Die Inside 
Chapter 10: The Guilt-Free Guide To Day Care and Preschools 
Chapter 11: Sleep Drama 
Chapter 12: Potty Training: When The $hit Hits The Fan 
Chapter 13: Holiday Guide 
Chapter 14: Your Nonexistent Sex Life 
Chapter 15: Rites of Passage For Toddler Parents 
Chapter 16: Closing Prayer

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