Is My Toddler Tired: An Informative Flowchart

The funny thing about bodies is that since you only live in your own, you can't tell other people what's going on in theirs. Speaking of hate-speech, many adults like to tell toddlers they are tired. The fact of the matter is that finding a toddler who is truly tired is as rare as finding an adult willing to push the swing with two hands. It just doesn't happen.

When adults say "My toddler is tired," what they usually mean is:
  • I want to spend my child's college fund on Etsy and don't want witnesses. 
  • I want to eat secret food alone. 
  • The true meaning of love is lost on me. 
I take my position as an Adult Educator seriously so I have created a simple flowchart for those of you who want to know if your toddler is tired. Hope it helps. love, HT

Are you getting old? Does your back make popcorn sounds when you get up? Do you take morning personally? Does your face look like it has been exposed to the elements?

One day your toddler will be charge of all the choices in your life. Your behaviors may cause your toddler to abandon you when you need them most. I took a poll and 10 out of 10 toddlers said that if they could physically overpower their parent they would in a heartbeat.

Prevent things from getting ugly. Fix your relationship with your toddler now.

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