Honest Toddler of the Day: Andrew

In an effort to prove there's nothing wrong with me I'm going to be highlighting other toddlers who are just trying to be themselves.

Meet Andrew. His street names include Crazy A, Andrew the Destroyer, and El Diablo. There are so many things going right in Andrew's life right now. First of all, look at all those teeth.

You can tell that his dog(?) respects him by the look in that animal's eyes. I don't think I've ever seen a pet try so hard to become invisible.

In a time when so many toddlers face pressures right and left it's nice to see this almost two finger trigger in control of his home situation.

honesttoddlerandrewTo nominate a toddler you know for Honest Toddler of the Day email thehonesttoddler@gmail.com.  Infants....send your info to infants@infantsneedblankets.com and go to bed.

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