Yelp Review: Womb


OK well I was here for an extended stay. To be honest, I don't remember even arriving LOL or how I got there (white light?) but I did enjoy myself. The first few months were amazing, the fitness center did wonders for my bod. The food was processed-fixed menu-but good. I gained 7lbs during my visit. Expect to have a roommate. Mine was off the chain (SHOUT OUT TO MY FALLEN HOMIE, PLACENTA, I MISS YOU, ESE).

My host was nice. Complainy and rather sedentary but overall very nice. She cried a lot which was awkward for everyone. Leg room was an issue toward the end as I was practically kissing my knees but whatever. The Womb was a little short staffed...I only heard one other employee's voice consistently. From their exchanges, I think he may have been the host's slave or unpaid indentured servant. Hope he's alright. I think she broke his spirit.

I loved it so much I overstayed my reservation by two weeks. I'd definitely return if given the chance.

Check-out was a mess.

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