Prize: One lasagna

Enter to win this lasagna! It was meant to be tonight's dinner but we should have pizza. I know you love lasagna and will appreciate this.

Details: Lasagna is not as fun as its name implies, but due to your degenerating adult taste buds, you will think this is a wonderful treat or feast. This lasagna starts off with perfectly good pasta that probably now wishes it was dead. You put 8 or 9 of these long pasta railroad tracks into a pan that should have been used to make a cake for a young child. Then put on some white pieces. Then spread on a layer of blood. Add on some vegetables like zucchini and ground beef. You repeat this over and over again until you run out of ingredients and your baby is crying.

You don't know how it feels to watch someone you love create this. It's a scary sensation.

Shredded cheese is one of my favorite foods. Take all of the house shredded cheese and waste it on this dish. Put it in the oven.

While this was cooking I felt very alone. I knew that the only person who could rescue me was grandma. She's like my own Liam Neeson. Luckily when the lasagna was done melting it was not served that evening so I still have a chance.

[caption id="attachment_510" align="alignright" width="245"] This is basically what it looks like.[/caption]

How to Win: To win, just leave a comment here, on Facebook, in your butt, and on Twitter. Explain why you love lasagna and I'll try not to get upset. One winner will be chosen sometime. Because I cannot operate a car, I will not deliver this lasagna. It weighs as much as me so you have to come get it. Use the back door and BE QUICK ABOUT IT.

If you're busy running errands again, I will try to give it to the mailman to deliver but I doubt he'll even make eye contact with me as he is a mean fool.

To make things simpler, if you win,  just right click on the image, print out and enjoy.

Good luck.

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