I was studying the search terms that bring people to my blog and noticed that many of you stalkers are typing "who is honest toddler" into Google. UHHHHHHH LOL. Weird.

So you want to get to know me? I don't know my last name or where I live or my phone number but I'd like to introduce you to the adults in my life.

Interview with Mama:

Me: What exactly is your problem?

Mama: I don't have a problem but you need to watch your tone. You smell like poo. Did you poo?

Interview with Grandma:

Me: Hi Grammy Grams

Grandma: I love you sweet baby

Me: I love you, too.

Grandma: You look so skinny. Are they feeding you?

Me: No they're not.

Grandma: My poor angel.

Me: I know.

Grandma: Do you need cookies?

Me: Yes grammy.

Grandma: What kind would you like me to make darling?

Me: (smiling)

Grandma: Chocolate chip?

Me: You know me so well, gram grams. Come over anytime, we we'll be here. Not at the park.

Grandma: My poor angel.

Me: I know.

Interview with Daddy

Me: Hi daddy!

Daddy: Please tell me where my wallet is.

Me: LOL!

Daddy: Where did you put it.

Me: How tall are you?

Daddy: I need to know.

Me: Are you part giant?

Daddy: This isn't funny.

Me: You have so much hair on your body. How does that make you feel?

Daddy: I'm going to give you one more chance.

Me: Or what.

Daddy: (staring at me) (walks away)

Interview with Grandpa

Me: Hello grandpa.

Grandpa: What's on your face? Have you been eating lotion?

Me: Yes. Were you born before fire existed? How old are you?

Grandpa: Older than you can count. Where are your clothes?

Me: I took them off.

Grandpa: (stands up and walks away rudely)


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