If I'm ever in a dangerous predicament, feel free to call 911. While the concept of a turtle wearing sneakers, duckling, and guinea pig coming to the rescue is adorable, the fact that they admit that they're not "too big" or "too tough" leaves me feeling insecure. Why are they bragging about that? It's like an optometrist singing, "I graaaduated at the bottom of my claaaaasssss," right before performing Lasik.

If you follow me on Twitter you already know that my mom grew up in a very low income neighborhood so the fact that these animals are squatting in an abandoned preschool trying to work their way out of the ghetto pulls at my heartstrings.

Baby seals, baby elephants...this rag tag team of misfits has saved them all but I'm curious to know why the Humane Society is never called. Maybe formal animal rescue organizations are like the po po in their 'hood. Viewed with a bit of suspicion and fear.

They've done a lot right when it comes to launching a small business. I doubt they've filed incorporation papers (silly in such a highly litigious field) but as evidenced by that corded landline/pencil holder, they are making an effort to keep the overhead low.

I wish you the best of luck, Wonderpets. In my eyes, you definitely have the right stuff. Stay clean.

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