Toddler News: Mom Shares Her Son's Breastmilk With His Friend

Last week a mom named Jessica Ann Colletti shared this photo of her son and her bestie's son sharing her milk. They're 16-months and 18-months. She's been babysitting and breastfeeding the bonus kid since he was five months old.

photo credit: Mama Bean Parenting

At this time it is not known if graham crackers were part of the snack.

Adults around the world got upset because this is a direct threat to the sippy cup industry.

I too was furious. Playdates are hard enough with the sharing of toys and the oxygen in your home. Now we have to share breastmilk? What's next, bone marrow? Also, this milk technically belongs to to Jessica's toddler, not the interloper. The other child is committing burglary. You can see from the photo that he not only took milk but a significant amount of attention.

We can only hope that moments after this photo they starting slapping each other.

Here's my overlord's take on the story for HLN:

Three-Year-Old Biker Given Ticket For Illegally Parking

Three-year-old Declan Tramley was ticketed this week in Nova Scotia for illegally parking his red plastic motorcycle.

It was later determined that the ticket was not real and a conspiracy between the police and the boy's father.

According to Good Morning America, the child is taking the betrayal in stride. "Lisa Tramley, the ticketed toddler's mom, told CTV that her young bad boy has been a good sport about his ticket. 'He loves his ticket,' she said. 'He tried to go bed with his ticket.'" That's what happens when you have no one else to trust.

Our in-house toddler correspondent weighed in. "If I were him I'd cease all potty training efforts immediately and only eat bread for weeks."

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No word on if the child will start counseling or if Grandma will seek temporary custody.

Three Quick Dinner Tips For Toddlers

Dinner is a terrible time for most toddlers. We don't mind the sitting or eating, but doing both at once is asking too much. And can we talk about these recipes? Why are adults even cooking when there are Diary Queens in almost every city? All that aside, here are a few tips to see you through.

Beach Day: Toddler View vs Mom View

Beach Day: Toddler View vs. Mom View

Weird. I don't recall her doing any of that stuff. She did forget the string cheese though. I cried.

Baby Found Floating in Inflatable Toy After Tanning Parents Forgot They Had a Kid

Having kids is hard. Remembering you have them is even harder.

A ten-month old baby was rescued by the Turkish coast guard today after she was found floating half a mile out to sea in an inflatable device.

(Picture: Anadolu Agency/Getty

People at the beach tried to help but the current was too strong.

(Picture: Anadolu Agency/Getty)

Turkish news says the parents forgot they put her in the toy and that she existed (I made up the last part but it's probably true). You forgot you put your kid in floaties and pushed her into the ocean? I have to call bull poop on this one because I know a lot of 10-month olds and they're not exactly quiet. The parents should have been suspicious once they were able to relax for several moments at a time.